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oz-regan by obsidianzero oz-regan by obsidianzero
Alisia got a portrait, so why not regan?

Regan is probably people's favorite over Alisia... comment and let me know- I'm curious..

This pic has a few referances to "THE STORY" which is coming... speaking of which, gimmie some help...

I need a title.. It takes place around a city named "Autar" which is infested with undead, and involved regan and alisia... "Bad mojo" is a phrase that's been thrown around, but it's too silly sounding... any ideas?
masamuna Featured By Owner May 13, 2003  Student Filmographer
Great shadows, as usual ;) (Wink) . I think her neck needs to be brought in a smidgen, it seems a little on the thick side. Anyways, great coloring, I can't wait to see more!
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